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usability testing

Usability Testing is, simply put, observing people using something. What better way to confirm what works (and what doesn’t) on your web site or application, then watching how your customers use your site.

Design Forge conducts qualitative usability testing to help customers discover significant issues with their web site or application quickly and inexpensively. All web sites have problems. It’s just a matter of identifying the most serious to improve the usability and accessibility or your site and leave a lasting, positive impression on your audience.

Some of the forms of usability testing Design Forge offers are:

  • Prototype Testing
  • Card Sorting
  • Brand Definition Testing
  • Free Exploration Testing
  • Preference Testing
  • Surveying

Design Forge will work with you to define the best usability testing for your business needs. Not ready for a usability test? Consider having an Expert Review conducted on your web site or application instead.